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Hype(r) – Bitcoin cont…

The downtime I took to digest the craziness of the crypto movement, led me to a podcast countering the hype surrounding Bitcoin as a global movement for change based on decentralised economics.

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Digging for bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is resurrecting the need for fossil fuels due to energy demand for “proof of work”. Stronghold Digital Mining in the US has actually purchased 2 coal burning power plants to cater for its crypto-mining business and this is inevitably the future. Make it stop!

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Great Information War

Russia has been a key player in cyberattacks over the last two decades with hacking collectives making waves through ransomware, spyware and data theft. According to Forbes earlier this month, 60% of cyberattacks were linked to state actors affiliated with Russia. If Russia wants to fight using cybertechnology they certainly have the means, workforce and intelligence.

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Follow the data

One way to intervene on Russia’s physical onslaught is through cyberwar, which is being fought from all sides. Enter Anonymous. In their words, “internet-based, international team from literally all around the world.” In our words, cyber-advocacy for the underestimated wrath and underprivileged citizens of the world, through exploitation of fake news and unjust criminal war activity. They have tweeted a call for hackers to join the squad.

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Fake Politics

The ASIO chief, Mike Burgess, stood up in Canberra last week at ASIO headquarters and spoke of a thwarted attempt at election interference, calling out a scam of a foreign entity (that he would not name) to insert unknowing election candidates to campaign in the upcoming federal election. And then, choose the electoral staff for that candidate with a view to “secretly shaping the jurisdiction’s political scene to benefit the foreign power”.

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Vulnerability exposed

In the middle of last year, 2021, according to data activist Asher Wolf, teachers still had access to a single directory for all student contact emails, amongst other details, using the Google Classroom.

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Love Scams

Even before Covid, Scamwatch had reported that 1 in 5 scams were ‘dating and romance scams’. They have a full list of what to watch for and horror stories relating to online scams relating to dating sites but single women in later years have been particularly isolated these last 2 years and are crying out for companionship and connection. Scammers have gone so far as to employ actors to play a boyfriend role, create fake social media profiles and entice online daters with elaborate stories to build a connection before asking for thousands of $$ for fake needs or services.

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After hacks

We trace these stories and report on them in the early days, as it happens or as it is reported in mainstream media but rarely do we get the opportunity to follow up what actually happened following an investigation. The collection of stories relating to government services being compromised or big business going off line until further notice is astounding.

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Hop, Skip…Digital ID

A single digital identification aligned with government services and beyond is an opt-in system. You don’t have to have a digital identity to access the services, you might in the future though. If the government had a better track record on data privacy then maybe there wouldn’t be such a backlash but there are things that have happened throughout the pandemic that have made government services almost impossible to access any other way than online, 5km movement restriction, anyone?