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A current hacking affair

The media are mostly responsible for the reportage of hacking scandals and malware infiltration as they largely affect all manner of institutions; government, commercial and public.

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Surveillance Insecurity

A white hat is a hacker with heart, Wiki gives a conservative definition here but a description with firework flair was recently documented in a Bloomberg piece quoting self-aggrandising hacker, Tillie Kottmann, “lots of curiosity, fighting for freedom of information and against intellectual property, a huge dose of anti-capitalism, a hint of anarchism — and it’s also just too much fun not to do it.” That really turns the hacker ‘stealing data and cash’ trope on its head.

Rolled enrolments for RMIT

RMIT University is a leader in the field of cybersecurity education for tertiary students. They have hosted innovative competitive workshops like Hackathon in years gone by and spruik their cyber-wares to all that have a digital leaning.

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NetWalker arrested

A lightbulb moment happened when Faster Networks read about the latest FBI arrest of ransomware hacker, NetWalker.

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Banking on loyal reserves

Just when you thought New Zealand had reached the pinnacle of Australia’s envy they once again prove that taking professionalism and accountability to a national issue is the ultimate response.

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Bursting the security bubble

Late last year when most of us were attempting to check-out on a year that had dealt some terrible blows, real and imagined, there was a flurry of journalistic activity reporting a dramatic, global story of digital security gone awry.

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The Year in Vulnerability

It is tempting to write an end of year cybersecurity review as a scaled list of the companies hit worst by hackers, although this approach lacks both compassion and reflection.

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Business Email Compromise

AFP cyber crime unit, ReportCyber has tallied over 2000 reports since June this year of cyber attacks on Australian businesses.

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Smart tech on board

The new kids at the top of business-town are recognising that cybersecurity and cyber warfare are gamechangers that demand investment beyond the tech department.