About Us

Faster Networks are a team of well-resourced and clever technical innovators

We love applications and the digital sphere they inhabit. We embrace technology for all its convenience and information, yet we understand that for most businesses digital exposure is intimidating and uncertain.

We started Faster Networks to help businesses appreciate the scope of their vulnerability. What does a business need to protect itself as it expands in the digital world? Customised software solutions with support that target exact business requirements to manage digital vulnerabilities.

Faster Networks are experts in cyber-security, vulnerability management platforms, application security software, infrastructure security software, SOAR and DDoS protection.

We enjoy a superior breadth of knowledge and focus on cyber-security software that comes with experience and an ongoing commitment to learning. Our commitment is to provide safe, secure and robust software technology that is easy to operate and financially compelling.

Our Team is Committed to your Cyber-Security

We can help you protect your assets by identifying and fixing your digital vulnerabilities. We focus our professional attention on efficiency and affordability to bring you a security solution that will work now and into the future. Our team has a collective specialist knowledge of current trends and software vendors in cyber-security that we share with our customers to add supreme value to our service.

Some of the key organisations we work with