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Artificial Intelligence

Arming AI

AI software has moved from a high potential future scenario into present day warfare to obvious, dire consequences. AI is being used as a cyberweapon in the war on Gaza to detect targets and collect personal data using facial recognition.

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Big Tech

TikTok Boom

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, is non compliant with the security expectations of US National Security. So will TikTok find its feet or will the platform be booted from American phones, saving democracy for one more election.

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Artificial Intelligence

Swift in numbers

Taylor Swift’s popularity or wealth doesn’t exclude her from being a target to deepfakes. Instead it makes her the prime target for insidious content designed to harm her and her brand. But then, the opposite happened..

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When Optus telecommunications were severed for a day on November 8th, 10 million customers struggled to make sense of their lives without the connection to the internet, emergency services, app information and, of course, each other. What happened? And, what happened next?

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Artificial Intelligence

The AI ward

Medicine practice is changing. Technology and specifically, AI, is bridging a gap for healthcare in remote locations or in third world conditions. Simplifying training to scale will ultimately save lives.

SAG-AFTRA strike 2023
Artificial Intelligence

SAG-gy terms

There will be a future lull in programming from all big studios including streaming services for at least 12 months. Writers, directors, actors and producers have asked a simple request, modernise our employment contracts to protect us and our creativity from technologies that seek to undermine our human spirit and creative output.

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cyber fit

2 facts

In trying to simplify our daily interactions with technology we give control to companies to manage security on our behalf. One way big tech has tried to protect us is through 2 factor authentication, to prove we are who we say we are, but is it working and do we get a choice?

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Big Tech

Sweet Source

In an effort to find sources that we trust we can go down our very own rabbit hole of mis/information. How do we really know for sure that what we are reading has any foundation in truth or is merely an opportunity to further pump the confirmation bias that lays dormant but is forever hunting for a pat on the back.

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Social Media


The initial success of Threads is thanks to the genius marketing of Meta to use an existing database to tap into a new database that can be built with one click. Are we bored yet?