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Phishy business

It is hard to take data phishing seriously when the nomenclature is comical – scaling, spear phishing, pharming, whaling… and none of these terms have anything to do with what we understand as fishing with 2 main ingredients, outdoors and wet.

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Double the ransom for Toll

Toll Holdings has again been struck by a ransomware attack. Earlier this year Russian based hackers annihilated the logistics system that Toll relied upon to deliver services.

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Listening to Bill

When Bill Gates talks, we listen. He is a technological prophet, ultimate data geek and now a full time philanthropist, since he stepped down in his position from the Microsoft board.

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Are you COVID?

Our personal data is already like a carcass at the butcher – chopped up, sold, distributed and cooked.

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To Zoom and Back

It is nigh impossible to think of working from home without utilising the many benefits of online, face to face communication for collective and one-on-one meetings (and the odd birthday party celebration).

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Is your organisation remotely ready?

It wouldn’t quite feel right if the Australian government said, ‘jump’ and nationally we chanted, ‘how high?’, we are not a dictatorship after all.

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Ransomware, taking a Toll

Adidas, Nike, Telstra, Officeworks and Footlocker are just some of the companies that were frozen by indefinite delivery times of stock to customers by a recent cyber security attack of logistics monolith, Toll Group.

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Where Dreams Get Hacked

The stage was set in November last year when Disney started heavily promoting the imminent launch of their video streaming service, Disney+.

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Be Safe, Together

The countdown is on for this year’s Safer Internet Day, a worldwide event to create positive and safe experiences for everyone using the internet.