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Rules of Cyber Engagement

The Bureau (SBS On Demand) is a French TV series that tells the story of intelligence agents from the DGSE (French intelligence agency).

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Virus vulnerability: masks & passwords

Some time last week I was hit with a spam email from a random local business – a business I have never shopped in or with, online or otherwise.

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Reality Espionage

A state actor is poking around in the digital information depths with an invisibility cloak and there is little indication, if any, that a digital alarm has been set or is going off.

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The cyber investment we had to have

I was aghast when out of the blue came an announcement on ABC News that the Australian federal government was allocating 1.35 billion dollars to cyber security and cyber defence over the next 10 years.

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Phishy business

It is hard to take data phishing seriously when the nomenclature is comical – scaling, spear phishing, pharming, whaling… and none of these terms have anything to do with what we understand as fishing with 2 main ingredients, outdoors and wet.

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Double the ransom for Toll

Toll Holdings has again been struck by a ransomware attack. Earlier this year Russian based hackers annihilated the logistics system that Toll relied upon to deliver services.

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Listening to Bill

When Bill Gates talks, we listen. He is a technological prophet, ultimate data geek and now a full time philanthropist, since he stepped down in his position from the Microsoft board.

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Are you COVID?

Our personal data is already like a carcass at the butcher – chopped up, sold, distributed and cooked.