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Trust Me

What is lost in this self-talk however is that digital fraud is a sophisticated and relentless threat. Telstra’s chair, John Mullen, came out recently to admonish the Federal government ministers for undermining Optus’ claim that the cyberattack they recently endured was sophisticated.

But privacy and, the information collected about us before we even get to talk of a data breach, is used in so many ways and is a somewhat empty promise that companies make in order to get us to sign our data away.

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Telco incommunicado

Optus is deeply apologetic over the latest threat to their customers’ details following a significant cyberattack. The fallout to their customer base and to the security of private data is one of confusion and distrust. Customers were put on high alert early, to note any suspicious activity on their accounts and any notifications that could be asking for information from a source unknown or a fake account. Account holders were told to stay informed, complete a credit check, change Medicare details and apply for a new licence.

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Art

There are PhD papers being researched and published right now about AI art and its capabilities as an artistic force, there will be more on that soon. But, more importantly, there is a cross discipline pursuit to understand and navigate the data revolution of our time to create AI that is human-level.

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Digital Spring

This Spring, let’s hack our own digital devices and clean them up so they remain the workhorses they need to be, save the battery and ultimately, avoid a malicious actor crawling through the metaphorical window. Part clean up, part safety procedure…start here:

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Cyber in Pink

The goal for cybersecurity teams is to reduce and ultimately eliminate digital exposure to “protect businesses, people and information”. Women have been massively underrepresented in technology and the push to include women at the table for training is now tangible and real.

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cyber fit

Hearty hacking

The hacking of any social media account has ramifications far beyond that one platform or that one individual. An individual may be the initial target to gain access to far reaching information, data or resources, privately or publicly. It can dismantle capability of a website or it can disrupt the power supply to a rural village.

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Uber: fight or flight

Uber appeared first in 2009 and it was introduced as a ride sharing service accessed through mobile phones, which was a world first. Founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had idealistic goals that would put the world into motion, no matter the cost. That cowboy ethic would have a devastating effect on traditional taxi services globally. The Uber Files have revealed the co-founders used a secret software program, Heaven, to illegally monitor movements of celebrities, politicians and employees. They also did nothing to protect their drivers from violent protests involving taxi drivers.

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Virtually Late

Play it smart with crytpocurrency investment, maintain some scepticism so that hype and marketing doesn’t get in the way of a good investment.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Human Vibes

His belief of LaMDA as a ‘sentient being’ was uncovered after publishing the transcript of hundreds of conversations. He also wrote to Google asking LaMDA to be represented by a lawyer and enjoy worker rights at the company.