Cyber Security

What we do

Faster Networks provide expansive knowledge and capability across cyber security, SOAR, application security, infrastructure security, DDos Protection and vulnerability management platforms.

We explore cost effective security solutions for your organisation that will improve and strengthen your current cyber security posture and give you the freedom to get on with your real work.

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Our services in detail

We ensure digital assets stay protected

01 Simulated Attacks

Faster Networks are a team of explorers and fixers. We identify and analyse business security weaknesses to pre-empt threats and prevent attacks. We offer risk-based analysis and facilitate a security response to cater to your individual infrastructure and application requirements.

02 SOAR – Security, Orchestration, Automation Response

Faster Networks automates threat identification and workflow allowing rapid incident response from security operations using SOAR capability.

Faster Networks are leaders in this space partnering with vendors that service many of the World’s Fortune 1000 organisations.

03 Application Security

Businesses are exponentially building online channels and application security software is critical to maintaining safety and high security across varying platforms and users. As applications are being updated, it’s imperative that your application security integrates with your Software Development Lifecycle – SDLC. Faster Networks have you covered.

04 Infrastructure Security

Company networks are more complex than ever before; they overlap, compete and often, they work in parallel with other infrastructure. We take full responsibility to secure and manage cross networks and digital transformation that is compliant and cost effective, allowing your business to be agile and thriving.

05 DDoS Protection

Networks partner with industry leaders to enact reliable, protective solutions for Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Protection.

Our solutions defend your network from targeted attacks and are the best defence against malicious cyber warfare.

06 Managed Pentest for Web Applications

As applications rapidly evolve and update it is hard to stay on top of where vulnerabilities in security reside. We offer a managed pentest service, a simulated cyber attack, that includes a Vulnerability Scan Report for your most critical web applications. In this report we provide recommendations to remediate your vulnerabilities to protect your digital ecosystem from future cyber assault.