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Banking on loyal reserves

Just when you thought New Zealand had reached the pinnacle of Australia’s envy they once again prove that taking professionalism and accountability to a national issue is the ultimate response.

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Bursting the security bubble

Late last year when most of us were attempting to check-out on a year that had dealt some terrible blows, real and imagined, there was a flurry of journalistic activity reporting a dramatic, global story of digital security gone awry.

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The Year in Vulnerability

It is tempting to write an end of year cybersecurity review as a scaled list of the companies hit worst by hackers, although this approach lacks both compassion and reflection.

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Business Email Compromise

AFP cyber crime unit, ReportCyber has tallied over 2000 reports since June this year of cyber attacks on Australian businesses.

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Smart tech on board

The new kids at the top of business-town are recognising that cybersecurity and cyber warfare are gamechangers that demand investment beyond the tech department.

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Mr Robot is vulnerable

Mr Robot (Stan, 2015) is my new TV discovery that has 4 seasons complete, in the bag, ready for visual bingeing.

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Cyber reportage – it’s your job

There is encouraging new Australian legislation that puts the onus on companies to report cyber attacks, a huge shift according to Andrew Tillett, for the Australian Financial Review.

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China scrapes the socials

ABC News called it “China’s Hybrid War” and the Guardian said, “Personal details of millions” collected by a China tech company. And I said, “this isn’t new.”

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Darknet Diaries

Liberty Reserve was a black market, digital currency bank. A bank where all the dirty money from all the dodgy hacking scams (amongst all the other criminal activity) changed hands or accounts.