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Mr Robot is vulnerable

Mr Robot (Stan, 2015) is my new TV discovery that has 4 seasons complete, in the bag, ready for visual bingeing.

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Cyber reportage – it’s your job

There is encouraging new Australian legislation that puts the onus on companies to report cyber attacks, a huge shift according to Andrew Tillett, for the Australian Financial Review.

pic from Spectator | Australia

China scrapes the socials

ABC News called it “China’s Hybrid War” and the Guardian said, “Personal details of millions” collected by a China tech company. And I said, “this isn’t new.”

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Darknet Diaries

Liberty Reserve was a black market, digital currency bank. A bank where all the dirty money from all the dodgy hacking scams (amongst all the other criminal activity) changed hands or accounts.

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cyber fit

Rules of Cyber Engagement

The Bureau (SBS On Demand) is a French TV series that tells the story of intelligence agents from the DGSE (French intelligence agency).

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Virus vulnerability: masks & passwords

Some time last week I was hit with a spam email from a random local business – a business I have never shopped in or with, online or otherwise.

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Reality Espionage

A state actor is poking around in the digital information depths with an invisibility cloak and there is little indication, if any, that a digital alarm has been set or is going off.

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The cyber investment we had to have

I was aghast when out of the blue came an announcement on ABC News that the Australian federal government was allocating 1.35 billion dollars to cyber security and cyber defence over the next 10 years.