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The time is now

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has issued an advisory report for companies to “urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security posture”. This is a driver for all corporations operating in Australia beyond the financial services industry to manage cyber risk effectively and efficiently.

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As the crypto frenzy descends into freefall status and Elon Musk reneges on his total commitment to a Twitter takeover at the exorbitant per share price of $54.20 based on the fake account ratio, we are checking in to something more wholesome. The 21st AusCERT conference is delivering a message of kindness to shape the narrative of cyber-security in retaliation to uber threats of unkind actors.

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All the ugliness of Pegasus cont…

The Pegasus story unravels at such a pace and it is easy to think that people have moved on but then another angle entirely is presented. This time it is Catalan independence, it’s not a new angle by any stretch but one that has finally made its way to mainstream media. Ronan Farrow has done a long form piece of investigative journalism on the threat of modern spyware, with a focus on NSO groups spyware.

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Hype(r) – Bitcoin cont…

The downtime I took to digest the craziness of the crypto movement, led me to a podcast countering the hype surrounding Bitcoin as a global movement for change based on decentralised economics.

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Digging for bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is resurrecting the need for fossil fuels due to energy demand for “proof of work”. Stronghold Digital Mining in the US has actually purchased 2 coal burning power plants to cater for its crypto-mining business and this is inevitably the future. Make it stop!

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Great Information War

Russia has been a key player in cyberattacks over the last two decades with hacking collectives making waves through ransomware, spyware and data theft. According to Forbes earlier this month, 60% of cyberattacks were linked to state actors affiliated with Russia. If Russia wants to fight using cybertechnology they certainly have the means, workforce and intelligence.

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Follow the data

One way to intervene on Russia’s physical onslaught is through cyberwar, which is being fought from all sides. Enter Anonymous. In their words, “internet-based, international team from literally all around the world.” In our words, cyber-advocacy for the underestimated wrath and underprivileged citizens of the world, through exploitation of fake news and unjust criminal war activity. They have tweeted a call for hackers to join the squad.

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Fake Politics

The ASIO chief, Mike Burgess, stood up in Canberra last week at ASIO headquarters and spoke of a thwarted attempt at election interference, calling out a scam of a foreign entity (that he would not name) to insert unknowing election candidates to campaign in the upcoming federal election. And then, choose the electoral staff for that candidate with a view to “secretly shaping the jurisdiction’s political scene to benefit the foreign power”.

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Vulnerability exposed

In the middle of last year, 2021, according to data activist Asher Wolf, teachers still had access to a single directory for all student contact emails, amongst other details, using the Google Classroom.