Application Security

What we do

Application Security software is critical for maintaining safety and high security across varying platforms and users.

Businesses are exponentially building and updating online channels and application. As applications are being updated, it’s imperative that your application security integrates with your Software Development Lifecycle – SDLC. Faster Networks have you covered.
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Our application pentesting services in detail

We ensure digital assets stay protected

Find, fix and enhance the security and functionality of your applications. Faster Networks partners with quality vendors to provide risk management across your applications, both external and internal, API’s and your cloud environment.

Protect your applications from malicious attacks by detecting and fixing security weaknesses throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in an automated, efficient fashion. Identifying potential and actual threats and vulnerabilities puts you in the perfect place to scale, protect and manage your applications.

The features of our vendor’s AppSec solutions are:

  • Automatic crawling and scanning of all modern and legacy web applications
  • Advanced crawling for API scanning
  • Advanced crawling for single-page applications (SPA’s) that rely on custom scripting
  • Authenticated scans for password-protected sites and applications
  • Customised scanning

Contact Faster Networks on +61 3 9016 0085 or send us an email to start your Application Penetration Testing (Pentest) for your websites.