Copy mine/craft

Copy mine/craft 1

The by-line of the post tells us that Gough is liberating the Minecraft ending from Microsoft as a gift to the universe. He unravels the story slowly and deliberately, it’s a long read, like 55 mins long. Gough came to write the End Poem for Minecraft after answering a Twitter callout from a friend, he made while attending a gaming conference in Berlin some years before.


Cyber-kindness 2

As the crypto frenzy descends into freefall status and Elon Musk reneges on his total commitment to a Twitter takeover at the exorbitant per share price of $54.20 based on the fake account ratio, we are checking in to something more wholesome. The 21st AusCERT conference is delivering a message of kindness to shape the narrative of cyber-security in retaliation to uber threats of unkind actors.

After hacks

After hacks 3

We trace these stories and report on them in the early days, as it happens or as it is reported in mainstream media but rarely do we get the opportunity to follow up what actually happened following an investigation. The collection of stories relating to government services being compromised or big business going off line until further notice is astounding.

The Princess and the Pegasus

The Princess and the Pegasus 4

The Pegasus Project by The Guardian. An uncovering of substantial proportions by journalists about the Israeli company, NSO and their surveillance/spying software, Pegasus. The contact targets for surveillance were leaked and the list was phenomenal in size (tens of thousands) and international breadth. The targets were also wide ranging and yes, of course, there were probably some criminals on the list confirming the goals of the NSO Group, to save lives, but there were also human rights activists and journalists and PRINCESSES!