The Princess and the Pegasus

The Princess and the Pegasus 1

The Pegasus Project by The Guardian. An uncovering of substantial proportions by journalists about the Israeli company, NSO and their surveillance/spying software, Pegasus. The contact targets for surveillance were leaked and the list was phenomenal in size (tens of thousands) and international breadth. The targets were also wide ranging and yes, of course, there were probably some criminals on the list confirming the goals of the NSO Group, to save lives, but there were also human rights activists and journalists and PRINCESSES!

Spyware Malfunctioning

Spyware Malfunctioning 2

Listening to The Guardian’s special 5 part podcast series, The Pegasus Project, to get a true understanding of how it is that governments and national law enforcement agencies pay NSO Group, the Israeli spyware company, to use their Pegasus software, under the guise that they will use it ‘to save lives’. NSO says they vet all their clients but some of their clients are countries and enforcement authorities have a contestable human rights record. They may come to NSO group with well intentioned tenders but this surveillance software is sold to clients with cash.