Cyber sense – 2022 Reflections pt. 2

Cyber sense - 2022 Reflections pt. 2 1

Faster Networks compiled an analysis of 2022. If you haven’t read part 1, please do. Faster Networks put their best foot forward to understand cryptocurrency and the impacts it has had and, is having on the world at large. This burgeoning decentralised and dysregulated banking system isn’t just economic. Bitcoin mining is an energy intensive process creating its very own environmental issues from uncontrolled investment and emissions. What we believed would solve some of the hierarchical headaches of traditional banking just made us reach for stronger painkillers, as we watched Sam Bankman-Fried get arrested…

Follow the data

Follow the data 2

One way to intervene on Russia’s physical onslaught is through cyberwar, which is being fought from all sides. Enter Anonymous. In their words, “internet-based, international team from literally all around the world.” In our words, cyber-advocacy for the underestimated wrath and underprivileged citizens of the world, through exploitation of fake news and unjust criminal war activity. They have tweeted a call for hackers to join the squad.

Radical homebody

Radical homebody 3

An edited excerpt from a new book by investigative journalist Huib Modderkolk called There’s a War On But No One Can See It delves into the story of Edwin and his parents in Rotterdam. Edwin grew up introverted and came to be the kid that spent 12 hours a day in his room tinkering with a home built PC. He roamed the darkest corners of computer servers with barely a torch. The inner motivation and obsession to find the next “window open,” an exploit that would allow unlimited access to some of the most important servers and corporate digital back rooms in the world.