Love Scams

Love Scams 1

Even before Covid, Scamwatch had reported that 1 in 5 scams were ‘dating and romance scams’. They have a full list of what to watch for and horror stories relating to online scams relating to dating sites but single women in later years have been particularly isolated these last 2 years and are crying out for companionship and connection. Scammers have gone so far as to employ actors to play a boyfriend role, create fake social media profiles and entice online daters with elaborate stories to build a connection before asking for thousands of $$ for fake needs or services.

Ticket to ride

Ticket to ride 2

This certificate was my ticket out of lockdown and into bars, clubs, events and houses, whenever restrictions are lifted. A literal ticket to travel. A ticket that protects me from serious disease and admission to hospital. There have been 5.86 billion doses of vaccines administered at the time of writing, worldwide 15.4% are fully vaccinated. Lockdown fatigue and declining mental health is real and both factors are leading governments around the world to lean heavily on vaccination rates of 70 – 80% of adult populations to ease restrictions.

The travel bug

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

When the Medicare app was first released some years ago, I was a first adopter. I told everyone who would listen that the “Medicare wallet is the ultimate convenience”. I enthralled medical receptionists with the app technology that was basically a picture of my Medicare card and immediate access to me and my family’s immunisation history…